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Travel Stipends

The State Center has funds available to enable employees of State Attorney General Offices to attend educational conferences, training sessions and seminars related to their work in antitrust enforcement and consumer protection. The purpose of the stipend is to permit attendance at events directly related to specific matters currently being investigated or being considered for some type of enforcement activity. The purpose of the stipend is not to permit travel to conferences of a general nature like the ABA Antitrust Section Spring Meeting. The State Center has separately made a grant to NAAG, which is administered by NAAG, to support travel to NAAG consumer protection and antitrust task force meetings. In considering your request, the State Center will take into account the extent to which your office has been the prior recipient of one of its travel stipends. Expenses eligible for reimbursement include transportation and lodging costs and registration fees.

To apply for a stipend, you must submit a request to the State Center's Executive Director that describes the program you would like to attend, explains how it will contribute to your office's work in antitrust enforcement or consumer protection, and specifies the expenses involved. The request must also certify:

  1. that you would not be able to attend the program without a State Center stipend because of budgetary constraints in your office
  2. that your participation in the program has been approved by an executive in your office at the level of Bureau Chief or higher.

A successful applicant will also be required to document that the State Center funds were expended as indicated on the application. In addition, the successful applicant will be asked to submit a brief evaluation of the conference or seminar attended.

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