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Grant Application


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  1. Proposal Summary (one page maximum):

    Please explain briefly why you are seeking this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the money if the grant is made.

  2. Proposal Specification (five page maximum):
    1. Information About Your Organization
      1. A brief description of your organization's history and mission.
      2. A summary of current or recent programs and accomplishments.
      3. The number of staff (indicating full-time, part-time and volunteer).
      4. Any relationships your organization has, formal and informal, with other organizations having a similar mission.
    2. Details About Your Funding Request
      1. A statement of the purposes of the project for which you are seeking the grant
      2. How you intend to implement the project.
      3. The estimated total cost of the project and other anticipated funding sources.
      4. How you intend to staff the project.
      5. The anticipated length of the project.
      6. How you propose to spend the funds you are seeking from the State Center.
      7. How the project supports the State Center's mission.
    3. Evaluation

      Please explain how you will measure the effectiveness of the project for which you are seeking the grant. Describe your criteria for success and the results you hope to achieve.

  3. Attachments

    Please attach to your application:
      Audited financial statements for the past two fiscal years.
    1. An organization chart.
    2. Biographies of your Executive Director and members of your Board of Directors
    3. A proposed budget for the project for which you are seeking funds from the State Center.

Your completed application should be submitted to the State Center's Executive Director, Stephen D. Houck. Please download application and follow all instructions.

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