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Grant Programs

To apply for a grant, your organization must be a State Attorney General Office, other government agency or a not-for-profit organization. All grant applications will be considered as promptly as possible. The Grants Committee (currently composed of Prentiss Cox, Shirley Sarna, Jim Tierney, and Steve Houck) will consider grant applications made by one or more state attorneys general offices for assistance in connection with pending investigations or pending or contemplated lawsuits. All other grants will be considered by the full Board of Directors and the Executive Director. (The State Center Advisory Board has no involvement in the grant application process.) A principal criterion for deciding whether or not to approve a grant is the degree to which it will further the objectives embodied in the State Center's Mission Statement, which is posted on its website.

The State Center hopes that grant recipients will consider contributing funds to the State Center realized from projects supported by State Center grants -- as from third party recoveries through litigation or settlement, by cy pres distributions, or from other sources. Such funds will be used to support the important work being done by the State Center and will make additional grants possible in the future. The State Center, however, does not require an advance commitment to repay a grant. Each application will be assessed on its merits, regardless of the likelihood of repayment.

The grant application process is intended to be non-burdensome and user friendly. There are separate application forms posted on the website, depending on whether the applicant is a State Attorneys General Office or other organization. As a condition of receiving a grant, the applicant will be expected to provide an evaluation to the State Center on the results achieved by the use of the State Center's funds. Do not hesitate to contact the State Center's Executive Director if you have any questions about the application process.


The State Center has a strict policy prohibiting conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, by those entrusted with its affairs. This policy applies to each member of the State Center's Board of Directors, its Advisory Board, its Executive Director and any other employee or consultant when acting on State Center business.

For purposes of this policy, a "conflict of interest" is defined as any financial or other interest which a reasonable person would conclude could i) impair an individual's objectivity or ii) create an unfair competitive advantage for him or her or an entity with which he or she is affiliated. If an individual to whom this policy applies believes that he or she may have a conflict of interest with respect to a particular matter, he or she shall disclose it to the Executive Director or Chairman of the Board. If the affected individual or the Board of Directors concludes that a conflict of interest does, in fact, exist, he or she shall be recused from any consideration of that particular matter.


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