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E-Discovery Help

E-discovery has become a critical component of investigations and litigations, particularly in complex matters involving large quantities of email, texts and electronic data. Many targets and defendants have access to expert assistance in formulating e-discovery plans and responding to e-discovery requests, either in-house or through outside counsel. The State Center provides State Attorney General Offices with access to similar expertise to assist with regard to discovery of targets and defendants at the initial stages of antitrust and consumer protection matters -- expeditiously, confidentially and at the State Center's expense.

The State Center's expert has extensive experience across a broad range of e-discovery issues. See the annexed resume, description of services provided and a copy of the Consulting Agreement. He is available for consultation by State Attorney General Offices for a maximum of twenty (20) hours per matter, upon approval by the State Center's Executive Director.

Michael Simon

Seventh Samurai, LLC, Electronic Discovery and Legal Technology Expert
Curriculum Vita
Signed Consulting Agreement

There are two ways to engage the State Center's E-Discovery expert. The simplest is to submit a Work Request, substantially in the form of Exhibit 1 to the Consulting Agreement. The Executive Director's approval of the Work Request makes the submitting Attorney General's Office a third party beneficiary of the Consulting Agreement, entitling it to use of the expert at the State Center's expense and triggering confidentiality and other built-in protections.

In the alternative, a State Attorney General's Office may negotiate its own agreement with the expert at the hourly rate pre-determined by the panelist and the State Center. A request that the State Center provide reimbursement for up to 20 hours of the panelist's time pursuant to the negotiated agreement, which contains substantially the same information as in the Work Request, should be submitted to the Executive Director.

In either case, the expert should first be consulted to make sure there are no conflicts and he is available for the assignment. Then enough detail about the Consulting Services sought (without disclosing confidential information) should be provided to allow the Executive Director to evaluate the request. The Executive Director has sole discretion to act with respect to the request. Unless authorized to do so, the Executive Director will not disclose information about the nature of the Consulting Services provided to any third party or to any member of the State Center's Board of Directors. Financial assistance for longer term may be sought through the State Center's normal grant application process.

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